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Alchemist Echidna

Rollie - Isopod Squishy -Medium - 0010 Gummy - UV - GITD - 21026

Rollie - Isopod Squishy -Medium - 0010 Gummy - UV - GITD - 21026

$30.00 USD

Squish toy, not for internal use.


Platinum Silicone & Body-safe and cosmetic grade pigments.

Firmness guide:

Gummy Soft- 0010*

Super soft- 0020

Soft- 0030

Near Clear Soft- NC0031

Medium- 0050

Near Clear Medium- NC0045

Firm- 10A

Extra Firm- 20A

Firmness may vary slightly with pigment load, and larger toys may feel firmer than smaller toys.

*Gummy soft is extra tacky, and prone to scuffing and cuts more easily than other firmnesses. Base scuffs are expected during the demolding process and are not flops for this firmness.

Shipping & Returns

In Stock items ship within 2-5 business days.

Allow up to 3 weeks for shipping on MTO customs.

Deluxe Customs may take up to 6 weeks for shipment

Combined shipping is available during drop weekend until orders are processed. Please send us a contact form with your email and order numbers for combinations.

No cancellations will be accepted, please shop with care and read product descriptions.

Due to the nature of these items, all items are non-refundable, non-returnable if opened. Please send a contact message if any discrepancies or damages are noticed prior to opening the packaging.

Care Instructions

Handwash with mild soap or water-based toy cleaner to remove dust and surface debris. Toys may be boiled to sanitize.

Keep out of contact with any non-platinum silicone or low quality toys, as surface reactions may occur.

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