• What are these toys?
    • We make handcrafted silicone toys, made from body-safe materials including platinum grade silicone and skin-safe pigments. Toys are designed for rubbing, grinding, stim play. Use your best judgment. Shop is not responsible for any harm or damages due to the use of these toys. 
  • Do you combine shipping?
    • All purchases to the same address made withing 24hrs of drop time will be auto-combined with partial shipping refunded accordingly. Message us for additional order adjustments including shipping address changes. 
  • Do you offer customs?
    • Made-to-order (MTO) items can be found on our Customs tab! These customs open on a rolling basis as orders are filled and have a full pallet of colors to choose from
    • DELUXE Guided Customs are limited, specialty made to order customs, poured with full artistic liberty (no lineart or specifics) based on your inspiration photos. These include full handpainting, uv and glow in the dark pigments as allowed by the model and inspiration colors, with optional up-charge for Near Clear firmness. Follow our twitter for announcements for when these slots will be available. 


  • Alchemist Echidna is owned and operated by Rits (@satanur1 on Twitter) and Typhon (@aeTyphon on Twitter). 
  • New products are launched on a “Drop” basis, with new inventory listed in batches. Please follow us @alchemistechid on twitter for drop updates and announcements

Toy Care:

  • Toys may be washed with a toy cleaner, or mild soap. Sanitize by boiling, or soak in a dilute bleach solution.
  • Do not store toys in contact with non-platinum grade silicone, as it may degrade the surface of the toy.
  • Use ONLY water-based and toy-safe lubricants
  • Store out of direct sunlight, as some pigments may fade with extended exposure
    • Drop and in-stock items ship within 3 business days from purchase. 
    • Made-to-order items (when available) will have fulfillment times listed within the product description
  • All items are handcrafted, and as such they may contain defects, surface texture, irregularities from the crafting process. Major defects, or “Flops” are listing individual on individual item pages.
  • NO CANCELLATIONS will be accepted. Please be sure to read product descriptions carefully and review defect photos where applicable.
  • Refunds/returns only accepted in the case of undisclosed flops, or incorrect shipping on part of the shop. Returned items must be in unopened/bagged condition within 7 days of delivery. If you notice any product defects outside of listed/disclosed flops please contact us via the webform, or email alchemistechidna@gmail.com for further assistance. 
  • Due to the nature of these items, no opened product returns will be accepted.


Order concerns or inquires can be directed to alchemistechidna@gmail.com, or fill out a message via our contact form. 

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  • “Willy” the whale: 3D model used under a commercial license from USAGIPAN3D Studios
  • “BabCock” the chicken: 3D model used under a commercial license from USAGIPAN3D Studios
  • “FlapJack” stingray pancake models created by 3dFrost (https://www.3dfrost.com/), used under a commercial license. 
  • “Quint” the shark (modified by AE Rits),  and “Tektonik” the dragon models designed by Deviant Garden, used under a commercial license.
  • “Crystal Bawl”, “Quetzal”, and “Kandi” models designed by SrirachaSkrimps @SrirachaSkrimps on Twitter, used under a commercial license. 
  • Dragon Cookie “Snap” and “Fortune” designed by Kuromin @Anate224 on Twitter, used under a commercial license. 
  • “Elixir” the Echidna designed by Empty Battery @BatteryCPS on Twitter, used under a commercial license. 
  • “Alchemist” character art and portrait created by Leo, FriedTiiger @Friedtiiger on Twitter.
  • Sticker art , and “Jeremiah” character art created by Jo, @JadedGremlin on Twitter.
  • All other 3d models and designs by Rits, aka the Alchemist Echidna