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a picture of a couple of inflatable toys


**New large size!**

This flamingo floatie toy is available in two fun sizes, a small c-ring toy and a new large insertable size for many play possibilities! For c-ring size, choose a softer firmness for more stretch. The new large size can be inserted, folded to double up, or squeezed for stroker play. (Body insertion not for anal use)

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The Snoodle is a cheeky flying snake tied into knots, with a knotted design and wide base.

This model was designed in collaboration with the dong community. Thank you!

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This froggy insertable toy features a smooth, flared tongue with a semi-gloss finish, and a large, open mouth base. The tongue may be folded in half taco style for insertion and flares like a knot during use, and provides strong suction with the internal open mouth texture.

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This elegant elephant features a smooth trunk and a mild flare.

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Quint is a shark toy with deep throat, with a closed back. The Vibe size is perfect for fitting a standard bullet vibe, or providing suction as a mini penetrable.

Model designed by @DeviantGarden on Twitter/X, modified by Alchemist Echidna for vibe sleeve.

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Cookie Grinders

Snap and Fortune are two skelly dragons with flat profile and bony textures for bumping and grinding. The flat profile is flexible for bending and rubbing in all the right places!

These Models designed by Kuromin, @Anate224 on Twitter/X

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Quetzal the feathered serpent is currently available as a mini and micro penetrable with open back design! Stay tuned for new sizes, and an insertable variant coming soon.

Model designed by @srirachaskrimps on Twitter/X.

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